Miroslav Pospíšil
Full-Stack WordPress expert

The universal and experienced developer
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Travel magazine website.

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Custom sportswear manufacturer website.

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configurator bison.cz

Product configurator of custom sportswear manufacturer.

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Apartment house website.

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Scout center website.

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Automation solutions company website.

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Pediatric cardiology website.

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Website of a blog with guides and DIY.

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elearning 1vpas.cz

Financial advisory company e-learning application.

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Programming of the website of guarded parking.

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E-shop of handmade painted glass products.

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IS zemedelka-opava.cz

Reservation system of training area of a high school’s driving school.

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Trade union website.

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Programming of the website for a boiler replacement company.

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I am

Who I am

I am Miroslav Pospíšil and I come from Opava. I have been an active water scout since childhood. I have grown up in nature and therefore I have great love and respect for it. I like animals as well as forests, water, and hills because there I can find calm, quiet, and peace. So, whenever it is possible, I go outside no matter where. From my hobbies, I might name traveling, sport, video games, and books. Lately, I have picked up ultralight trekking and writing. I like good coffee or green tea for work. And I surely fancy spending some time with my colleagues in some good pub.

Since I was a kid, I have always been into computers and technology. I started programming in 2011. I really enjoyed creating websites, which brought me to WordPress, Nette, and other web systems, frameworks, and technologies. Ever since college, I have worked in a team, and I already feel very well in the company of good co-workers. I like communicating with my teammates, and I am always happy to help them.

What I learned

At FIT BUT I learned valuable knowledge from many areas of the world of information technology. Apart from theoretical knowledge, I gathered a lot of experience from solo as well as team projects, in which I had to work with more than 10 different programming languages altogether. Quite often, It was necessary to go deep in order to understand and control all aspects of information systems I specialized in during my master’s studies.

I would like to highlight my programming skills in PHP, JS, and CSS, as well as WordPress and Nette frameworks. I know how to design applications in MVC architecture, perform versioning in GIT, design databases, and how to model in UML or prepare GULP workflow with SASS or TypeScript compilation. The “cherry on the top” might be that I am above-average experience with graphics and that I have some experience with machine learning.

Why I deserve your attention

I have worked in the field since 2011 and there are already more than 30 projects (websites, web applications, online systems) I had worked on and which were put to production. Small company static presentations, bigger dynamic websites, e-shops, specific applications, or custom-designed and adjusted information systems. I keep myself up-to-date and follow state-of-the-art trends. I have also attended Czech and European conferences (WordCamps, OpenAlt).

I know what clean code, commenting, and refactoring means. I do my best to meet agreed deadlines and I am not scared to chip in new ideas or different views. If I face any problem, I always try to find a solution and figure it out. And when I don’t know something, I go and learn the necessary knowledge. It is my passion to constantly learn new things or explore technologies to hone my skills to perfection. I try to put new technologies into practice when they can make tasks easier for both me and my colleagues, or when I feel they could save time and expenses.


I have been working for years with Miroslav Pospíšil. Together we worked on many projects and cooperation was always without any problems. Whenever we designed a new project or expanded already completed projects, Miroslav has always been able to advise on problems and actively solve a problem no matters if it was a team or solo project. He is definitely a benefit in any team, where he contributes not only his skills but also his humor.

David Dressler, former colleague

We were colleagues for more than three years with Miroslav Pospíšil. So I should say that he does his work with such enthusiasm. The job is more a hobby than a duty to him. Especially if he works with WordPress in which he is a real expert. Otherwise, he is a very social and communicative person. I should ask him for help with any problem.

Stanislav Slunský, former colleague